Why Participate in Therapy?

Taking the step to commence and participate in psychological therapy can be challenging. Often people think about therapy for quite some time before they take that first step and book their first session with a psychologist. An individual needs to take this step in their own time and be ready, willing and committed to collaboratively working  with their psychologist . As part of therapy Rafaela will explore the client's own goals, needs and wants and work towards the following general aims of therapy.

The general aims of psychological therapy include:

  • Development of self awareness and insight
  • Symptom management including healthy emotion regulation
  • Reduction or cessation of unhealthy emotion regulation such as "self medication" behaviours
  • Developing emotional resilience
  • Improvement in self esteem
  • Greater understanding of yourself and how you relate to others (interpersonal relationships)
  • Developing a sense of optimism for your future